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Pigeon Poo by Elizabeth Baguley

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Paperback: 32 Pages.

Published: 06 August 2012 by Little Tiger Press

Edition: UK ed.

ISBN: 1848954891

EAN: 9781848954892

In a perfect town with tidy streets, And flawless lawns with shiny seats, A pigeon swooped and looped the loop, And left behind a trail of ... poop! Soon the townsfolk are kicking up a stink! "That pigeon should be in a cage!" they shout and stamp, full of rage. Will they ever catch that pesky pigeon?


4.0 Stars4.0 Stars4.0 Stars4.0 Stars  by Sarah Boor

Great ending!

My little boy hates birds so was a bit unprepared to read this story...however he thought it was very funny particularly the outcome at the end!

Lots of large colourful illustrations and rhyme on each page which makes it slightly easier to read to the children.

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