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To Catch a King by Jack Higgins

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Paperback: 254 Pages.

Published: 22 June 2010 by Open Road Media Mystery & Thri

ISBN: 1453200193

EAN: 9781453200193

It is the Second World War. Hitler dreams of conquering Britain and when he does he will need someone to rule, someone who sympathises with him, maybe someone who has already had to give up a throne and might like it back ?


3.0 Stars3.0 Stars3.0 Stars  by Anne

Clever idea

This is another of Jack Higgins' second world war novels which involves real people. The premise is simple and clever, Hitler sees the exiled Duke of Windsor as a possible future king of England after he successfully invades and agents are sent to pursuade him to come to Germany and, if that is unsuccessful, to bring him by force.

Our heroine, Hannah, a nightclub singer finds out about this and makes her own way to find the Duke and warn him. We know that this plan was not successful but the story is in the espionage and machinations from both points of view. As usual we have good Germans and misguided people.

This story idea perhaps deserved a slightly better realisation as the story is not quite as full of suspense and excitement as you might expect. It is told as though it is true and based on facts and maybe this creates a distance from the characters.

An engaging read and a clever idea.

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