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In the end all roads lead to hell. It's 1944 and Germany is facing its final defeat. Five thousand miles across the Allied dominated Atlantic, twenty-two men and five nuns aboard the Barquentine Deutschland are battling home to Kiel. Among them are a U-boat ace captured in a raid on Falmouth. A female American doctor caught in the nightmare of flying bombs. A gunboat commander who's fought from the Solomons to the Channel and a rear admiral desperate to get some of the action. Allies and enemies, men and women, the hunters and the haunted all drawn into the eye of the storm.


4.0 Stars4.0 Stars4.0 Stars4.0 Stars  by Anne

A unashamed tale of heroism

At the end of the second world war, when defeat for germany is on the cards, a sailing ship of German refugees, including several nuns, sets out from Brazil to take them home. On a Scottish island the old people who are left and an American General who is retired against his will welcome a young doctor visiting her uncle and some sailors posted nearby. A German sailor is washed off his submarine and captured and taken for internment.

All these elements are brought together on a reef off the Hebrides by a huge storm. The story is in the gathering of the characters and the events of the night of the storm.

This is a story of ordinary people rising above themselves, commiting huge acts of endurance and sacrifice and of the despair and waste of good people by the events of war. You would like to believe that you too would be able to rise to the occasion and be a hero. You certainly get the message about the futility of war pitting one good person against another.

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