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Sealed with a Kiss by Rachael Lucas

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List Price: £11.95


Paperback: 204 Pages.

Published: 16 April 2013 by Evertype

ISBN: 1782010289

EAN: 9781782010289

Kate breathes a sigh of relief when she's dumped at her best friend's wedding. Faced with moving back home, she takes a job with a cottage on the remote island of Auchenmor. Kate's told Auchenmor is too small for secrets, but prickly new boss Roderick is keeping something to himself. When his ex-girlfriend comes back on the scene, their budding friendship comes to an abrupt end-and Kate finds out Fiona's got a sinister motive for coming back to the island she hates. Can she be stopped before it's too late, and will the island find its way into Kate's heart?


3.0 Stars3.0 Stars3.0 Stars  by Anne

All right but nothing exciting

Chick lit and contemporary romance is not generally known for its depth but this one is superficial and shallow even for this genre.

The heroine is only meant to be temporary on the island and is one of a string of women who have filled this role without staying long. She has little experience, a lack of warm clothing, and no wellies but is instantly popular. The local laird is handsome but untrusting but .... and you can guess the ending.

Easy to read but easy to forget. Nothing new or particularly exciting here.

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