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Pyramids: (Discworld Novel 7) (Discworld Novels) by Terry Pratchett

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Paperback: 384 Pages.

Published: 01 September 2004 by Corgi

Edition: New Ed

ISBN: 0552152641

EAN: 9780552152648

Look after the dead', said the priests, 'and the dead will look after you.' Wise words in all probability, but a tall order when you have just become the pharaoh of a small and penniless country whose largesse - and indeed treasury - is unlikely to stretch to the building of a monumental pyramid to honour your dead father. And particularly when your only visible means of support is a recently acquired qualification from the Guild of Assassins where running a kingdom and basic financial acumen were not prerequisites for course entry...


3.0 Stars3.0 Stars3.0 Stars  by Anne

Not one of the best

None of the Discworld books are bad - this one probably earns 3.5 stars - but some of them are definitely better than others. This is one without a lot of the recurring characters (no Rincewind, no witches and no guards) and is about the stagnation of a society which does not allow change. It is set in an alternative Discworld Egypt at the time of the pyramids.

The book has more of a story than some of them and some well developed characters, I liked Teppic and Ptraci especially. It has lots of puns and brings in popular culture references which it twists slightly to make you see things in a new way. It is, however, mildly amusing rather than funny and enjoyable as a quick read rather than a book you would cherish and reread. If it were written by someone else it might have earned more stars as it is certainly worth reading but, in comparison with other Terry Pratchett novels this is merely averagely good.

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