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The Lost Years by E. V. Thompson

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Paperback: 512 Pages.

Published: 02 September 2010 by Sphere

Edition: Reissue

ISBN: 0751545864

EAN: 9780751545869

A war-time love story between a Royal Flying Corp pilot and a Cornish girl from Heligan.


4.0 Stars4.0 Stars4.0 Stars4.0 Stars  by Debra Found

Well Written but a Forgone Conclusion

This book is set in Cornwall during the years of the First World War. It is, essentially, a love story although there is a lot that happens along the way. It is the sort of book that from the moment the 2 main characters meet you can be sure what route the story will take. The details may be different but the ending is quite clear from the beginning.

We have Peris, with a connection to the big house, & Annie, the farmer's daughter. They meet & their lives become intertwined. Various things happen along the way & they are driven apart only to be joyfully reunited in the final chapter. I am sure you are all well aquainted with this storyline. It isn't original.

E.V. Thompson, however, is definitely one of the better writers of this type of book. His stories are fleshed out with good dramatic & historical events. This book contains quite a bit of detail about the Royal Flying Corps in it's early days of development during WWI. I wasn't aware just how big a part planes had taken in the First World War & found this all most enlightening. There was also quite a bit of detail about nursing & excellent descriptions of the mud & conditions that the soldiers had to contend with. This attention to detail & placing of the storyline in an interesting historical background is what raises this author's books above many similar books of this genre.

I did struggle a little with some of the characters in this book. I felt that their behaviour & the ease at which the boundaries between the classes was broken down was a little too easy & false. Some of the characters are definite cliches. Peris as the main character wasn't someone I could like particularly. It wasn't anything which he did particuarly but his own over confident attitude. I am quite sure that in reality his insubordination towards an officer would not have ended so well. He was a little too sure of himself & had I met him in real life I don't think I would have taken to him at all.

This is not the sort of book that I read to challenge me or make me laugh. It isn't a gripping or dramatic book. This is the sort of book that I read whilst doing something else for relaxation. I actually listened to this on audio CD whilst doing a variety of other things. It was a relaxing read that didn't require too much attention & it served a purpose.

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