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The Vampire Witch From Outer Space (Hackles Book 1) by J.B. Funke

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Follow along, dear reader, as I open the swinging, creaky gate to gorror (that's gore/horror for the uninitiated.) Is that just mist in the air, or exploded ghosts? Watch your step; you're liable to accidentally get TERROR on your shoes.

I am pleased to present the first in this soon-to-be Fear-ies of stories, which is sure to-- RAISE YOUR HACKLES. A shocking twist in every chapter! Chock full of references to things you probably have heard of! Brimming over with stereotyped minority characters who are just like you!

Our first story: The Vampire Witch From Outer Space!!!

Tagline: Look out! This story sucks!


1.0 Stars  by Stephen Found

The books tagline says it all.

I love a good comedy.

Punchlines that you cannot see coming, long running subtle  jokes that resurface throughout the course of a book, gentle humour, witty comments from the books characters and well crafted, laugh out loud plots are some of the ingredients of excellent comedies.

Unfortunately, this book has none of these. Well, to be fair it may have had them all by the boat load after page 5, but I did not get that far. The humour seemed to be that of a 12 year old even down to the name the author gives his main character. Every paragraph was a lame joke and by the end of page 5, I could think of more than one funnier tips to the dentist I have had.

Maybe it was just not my sense of humour, if it's yours then please review it and let people know what it was about since I neither know or intend to find out for myself.

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