Bill - Blog 2

Author: Debra Found

Date Published: Aug 13th 2018, 4:37pm

In this blog Bill talks about his Book Project and why he decided to embark upon it.


My Book Project About six months ago, after reading, and being bored and/or annoyed with, yet another book by an author I had never previously heard of, and whose book I did not enjoy, I decided that I should really try to increase the quality of the books which I read. The obvious(?) choice seemed to be the books which are generally referred to as the “Classics”. Like most people I had some idea of which books would fall into this category so I started compiling a list. At this point I passed on my idea and the provisional list to Debra for comment. As you will see from her blog she had joined a local book club and also had contact with other “readers” via the internet. The result of this was a deluge of book titles which people believed should be rated as Classic books and hence should be included in my list. This deluge included many books and authors who were completely new to me. The other issue which arose then was the question of deciding which attributes a book needed to have to be rated as a Classic. Some of these were the author, the time when a book was written, the actual content of the book, how many copies a book had sold and many others. At this time I decided that there should be a cut-off point, or the whole project would get completely out of hand. I therefore set a top limit of 125 which I have reached. I also decided that I would only include one book per author. To date, January 2011, I have read 30 of the books on my list, the latest being “A portrait of the artist as a young man” by James Joyce. I am currently writing the review for this and will add it to the website very soon. Two other things which I decided to implement were that I would read a non-Classic book interspersed between the Classics, to give my brain a rest, and that I would open another list for the second phase of the project. I only have 6 books on this list, as yet, but at my current rate of progress it will be a few years before I need it. I hope that I will have the willpower to reach the 125'th but so far, so good."