smrc - books 11 & 12 (K & L)

Author: Sara Eames

Date Published: Aug 1st 2018, 9:30am

Book K was The Killing in the Café by Simon Brett. As a fan of cosy mysteries - a fact of which I am sure you are aware - I enjoy the Fethering Mysteries penned by Mr Brett. They feature a couple of mismatched sleuths - Jude and Carole - who are dragged into a number of events in their little village - the majority of which end in murder. Our two intrepid heroines bravely seek to solve each case they come across and, despite risks to their personal safety, are successful in their endeavours. The only problem is that I think Fethering is becoming as dangerous a place to live as Midsomer, due to the high body count in a small area - I don't think I'll be moving there any time soon. The Killing in the Café follows the traditional cosy mystery formula. However, my problem with this one is that ii gets a little bogged down in the story of the café and the murder seems to take second place. For a lot of the book, the murder/victim is not mentioned and the story centres around Carole's family problems and the situation with the café. (This was why I awarded the book 4 stars instead of 5). On a positive note, the characters are, as always, well-written and the plot moves at a steady, if at times somewhat slow, pace. Still, it is a good read if you are looking for a gentle, cosy mystery that will make no demands and is an easy read.

For a change from murder, I chose The Looking Glass Wars as my L book. I do enjoy a good re-telling of a traditional story - and this did not disappoint. The story of Alice in Wonderland is given a new look - Wonderland is a much more violent place in Beddor's imagination than in the original. I feel that the Lewis Carroll character does not get fair treatment in this book - he comes across as manipulative and spineless - but, apart from that, this is a cracking read. I shall hopefully read the rest of the trilogy over the coming months. The characters are well-written and the plot moves at a speedy pace. There is drama throughout the story and you are quickly drawn into the tale. For fans of Alice - I would say that this is worth reading - although you have to remember that this is not a re-telling of the traditional tale. All the characters are there but they are reimagined and darker than Carroll's original story. Still a very good read and one I would recommend.