My Alphabet Reading Challenge - C

Author: Anne

Date Published: Jul 29th 2018, 4:16pm

We have reached “C” in my reading alphabet and my book is “Cutting for Stone” by Abraham Verghese.

This book is set in Ethiopia and follows twin boys who are orphaned and brought up by doctors in a missionary hospital. It explores their relationship with the local people and with the medical staff, their sexual awakening, their relationship with each other, issues around their absent parents and the situation when they were born, civil unrest and their careers. It is quite a wide-ranging book and I sometimes found it difficult to work out exactly what message the author was trying to put across.

This was one of those books that I could only read in short bursts (partly because the book was thick and the print was small). I didn’t find it particularly easy to get into and I didn’t engage with the characters. I could see that it was interesting and well written but I just didn’t enjoy it as much as I could have. I wouldn’t read it again and I wouldn’t seek out any more books by this author although if one came my way I would give it a go.

This is a highly regarded book and I believe it has won prizes, but not all books suit all readers.

That’s two novels I have read so far in this challenge (A and C) neither of which was really a success for me. I hope that this doesn’t continue for the whole alphabet. For D I am venturing into non-fiction and am reading “Daddy, we Hardly Knew You” which is a family memoir by Germaine Greer. From America to Reading Gaol, to Ethiopia and now on to Australia – my reading alphabet is moving around the continents.