SMRC - Book 3 (C)

Author: Sara Eames

Date Published: Jul 6th 2018, 2:19pm

Book C is Crooked Herring by L C Tyler. An easy read that I expected to get through quite quickly. Fortunately, I have had extra reading time today, as the school I work at is closed due to having no water - so I took full advantage of the time and got reading. I will be starting my D book very soon (and have quite a bit of the weekend to spend reading it).

As for Crooked Herring, I love the Elsie and Ethelred series by L C Tyler - and this is another winner. It is a well-written book with good characters, a steady plot and some laughs along the way. As is the case with all these books, the murder and solution are outrageous - but that doesn't detract in any way from the quality of the story and writing. The main characters are, as always, wonderfully written - and the side characters are brilliant too. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good, cosy mystery.