SMRC - Book 2 (B)

Author: Sara Eames

Date Published: Jul 5th 2018, 9:20am

I have now successfully completed my 2nd book in the smrc. This was another cosy mystery - I am aware that my first 4 books are cosy mysteries (one of my favourite genres) but there are other genres as we progress through the alphabet.

This is my second foray into the world of Inspector Singh, and it wasn't too bad. On the whole, it was a good, cosy mystery - the characters were well-written and the plot moves at a steady pace building to a climatic finale. However, I didn't like the ending as it ends on a somewhat downward note. It was, on the whole, an enjoyable read but did have a number of stereotypes portrayed which I found a little annoying at times - especially as the stereotypical behaviour increased towards the end of the book. Still, it was a good read and I will probably read more in this series.

2 down - 24 to go