Book Bingo 15

Author: Debra Found

Date Published: Apr 12th 2017, 2:09pm

For this square I had to choose a Booker Prize Winner. The winner I chose was "The Sense of an Ending" by Julian Barnes.

To be honest I didn't specifically choose this book, it was the March choice for the book group I attend.

Whenever the books are put on the table at the book group everyone hurries to take one and see what we are reading for the next month. The bookgroup I attend is run at the local library so the library obtains all the books - no need to buy books you are never going to read again. If the book has won a prize there is a collective sigh which goes up from the table. There are lots of comments about it being boring, possibly too deep so no one will grasp the purpose and so on. The group just doesn't like prize winners in general. It is similar when the cover of a book declares "The funniest book you will read all year" or "It will terrify you". The natural instinct is to think - I doubt it! We are a suspicious lot!

I have read prize winning books that I have enjoyed - The Life of Pi and Wolf Hall spring to mind so there is no guarantee that I won't like the book. However, there is always the sense that the judges for the Booker Prize are looking for something different to me in their books. They seem to be looking for deeper meaning as opposed to a book that is a jolly good read!

I must say that I would never choose to read a book solely because it had won in prize. In general that makes me more cautious than welcoming. However I do not exclude prize winners totally from my reading.

As for this particular book, it wasn't particularly popular with the book group. Everyone had completed it, which is not always the case. No one, however, was particularly enthusiastic with people not particularly liking the characters (although they were quite lifelike) and finding the story rather boring.