Book Bingo 14

Author: Debra Found

Date Published: Apr 12th 2017, 1:56pm

As you can see I am still strolling along quite slowly through my book bingo squares. This square is a book with an ugly cover.

The book I have chosen is Karen Maitland's "The Raven's Head".

The online dictionary defines ugly as

"unpleasant or repulsive, especially in appearance."

I wouldn't class this cover as repulsive but it isn't a particularly pleasant cover. The main body of the cover is bright red with a large black raven on it. Raven's are not the sort of bird that people class as sweet or attractive, so I feel that this could easily be classed as an ugly cover.

It was actually the cover which caught my eye. I was having coffee in the library (a great idea having a cafe in the library) when I spotted the book on one of the display stands. For some reason the library was having a display of books in coloured sections - a stand of green, one of yellow, one of red and so on. This book was amongst all the red books and it caught my eye. I have enjoyed other Karen Maitland books so decided to borrow it.

There is the age old saying that you can't judge a book by its cover. No matter how often you say this, most people still do it. The cover is the first thing you spot and is often the reason you pick up the book. When you first see a book the only information you have are the title, the author and the decoration on the cover. It is natural that the cover plays a part in your decision to pick it up.

The fact that there is a large, black raven on the cover of this book would probably put a lot of people off. In reality it suits the book which is set in the Dark Ages and has quite a dark plot.

So be the cover ugly or nice, it plays a part in whether or not we pick the book from the shelf.