Book Bingo 13

Author: Debra Found

Date Published: Mar 31st 2017, 3:37pm

This square required me to read a book with a non-human main character. This actually provides quite a lot of scope - a fantasy character, a mythological creature, a ghost, an animal. There are plenty of books which fall into these catagories. I chose to read "Lightning in the Dark" by Michelle Boule. In this book the main character is Petra, a modern day harpy who is descended from the harpies of Greek mythology.

Writers have always included non human characters in their books and stories. Most cultures have an oral mythology which included gods, demons, strange animals, wonderous creatures and monsters. The Greeks and the Romans had a rich mythology but they are also to be found in other traditions such as the Vikings, Egyptians, Incas etc. Many of these mythical creatures were developed in order to explain natural phenomena that people could not understand.

The big advantage of creating fantasy creatures is that they can do things that humans cannot. Spiderman can climb walls, Superman can fly, Wizards can do magic, Werewolves can change between animal and human. All of these stop the writer being constrained by the reality of the ordinary world. You can even create a whole world for these creatures to inhabit from Mount Olympus to The Shire and on to the Discworld.

I like reading books which contain fantasy characters. I enjoy being taken away from the constraits of the real world whether it be to a whole new world or one character within a book. A well written fantasy book allows the reader to get lost in a work of obviously pure fiction which the reader knows cannot be real. Pure escapism - I love it!