Book Bingo 11

Author: Debra Found

Date Published: Feb 24th 2017, 3:45pm

For this square on my Bingo board I had to choose a book which has been on my "To Be Read" shelf for longer than 2 years. There were plenty to choose from!

I chose "Underground London" by Stephen Smith which is a rather mediocre work about what exists underneath London.

I think it is probably fair to say that all readers have a "To Be Read" (TBR) shelf. It may only be a pile or indeed just one book but they do exist. It may not contain physical books but may be a list of books that the reader wishes to read but has yet to get round to.

I have a small set of bookshelves which contain my TBR pile. Currently there are around 50 books on it. It was only last year that my husband made me have a cull as the shelves had rather overflowed into various piles and boxes surrounding the shelves! So cull them I did leaving me with about 50 left from almost 200. These are books which I have picked up somewhere (library sales, charity shops, jumble sales etc) and they looked interesting or books which have been passed on to me from other readers.

I have quite a few books left from before the great cull which I really will get around to. Interestingly many of them are non-fiction - biography, history and social science mainly. There are a few classics and then some more general fiction.

It is unfortunate that I rarely get around to reading anything from this set of shelves. However, this Bingo challenge has encouraged me to read two books which had been loitering for several years. Somehow other books just seem to wander along and need to be read first - perhaps they are on loan from a friend or the library or they just happen to suit my mood at that particular time. Amazon (other online book stores are available) give me a free Kindle book each month as part of the Prime service and Netgalley is a possibly unending source of exciting new books. Somehow the TBR books just slip down the list whilst the more imminent books are pushing for attention.

I will, however, strive to make bigger inroads into my TBR shelves. After all the more I read, the more space I have for new books!