Book Bingo Square 25 - A free square for my final book

Author: Anne

Date Published: Feb 19th 2017, 1:47pm

The final square of my challenge is a free one which leaves me able to choose any book I wish. Given the restrictions of the previous 24 squares to be able to make a free choice is quite liberating – and frightening. I have many, many unread books from which I can choose but what would be special enough for this final book ?

Fortunately a friend came to the rescue and loaned me “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” which is a play transcript by JK Rowling and Jack Thorne. I was very pleased to borrow it and thought that it was unusual enough to make an excellent final square – I was pretty sure I would enjoy it as I have read all the books.

And I did enjoy it. It was clever and full of lovely little touches addressing some of the issues in the original books. The story was good enough for the series and offered lots of opportunities for the author to be playful with her characters. I’m not going to give any spoilers at all but I was impressed by how imaginative it all was – it would make an excellent eighth book.

Reading play scripts is not for everyone and is nowhere near as satisfying as reading a novel. I enjoyed it nonetheless and maybe one day I will get a chance to see the play performed.

In my next blog I will sum up the Book Bingo Challenge experience.