Book Bingo Square 24 - A story with time travel

Author: Anne

Date Published: Feb 17th 2017, 7:18pm

I read a lot of science fiction/authors and because of that I have read a number of books with time travel. It is a difficult thing for authors to get right because they have to sort out all the practical details and make the story plausible when, of course, it really couldn’t happen. I have, however, read a number of excellent books which manage it including “The Time Traveller’s Wife”, “The Anubis Gates”, “Shadow of Night”, “The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August”, “The Eyre Affair” and “Time and Time Again” – I recommend all of these.

For this square, however, I reread a book that I had loved when much younger but not read for some time “The Doomsday Book” by Connie Willis. It is set in a sort of alternative present where there has been pandemics in the past which have decimated the population. In Oxford a group of academics have perfected time travel and sent people back into safe times in the past. Now they wish to send Kivrin back to Medieval England but there is some opposition from those who still think it is dangerous. Kivrin is sent back but a crisis arises in both the present and the fourteenth century which leaves her on her own, mostly unable to speak the language and in a world which is not as expected.

This is a brilliantly clever and tender book. Time spent getting to know the people of the past and the future makes the events of the book devastating when we realise what has happened and I cried through a lot of the end of this book. I highly recommend it for any reader of this type of fiction.

Finally we have reached the last square and my last choice is a free choice – any book I want to read