Book Bingo Square 23 - Humour or satire

Author: Anne

Date Published: Feb 11th 2017, 7:18pm

If you are going to divide readers just find a book that one thinks is amusing and ask others if they think it is funny. Humour is very much in the eye of the individual reader and I tend to avoid reviews that talk about books as “laugh out loud funny” unless I know and trust the reviewer.

I wasn’t sure what to read for this square. I have already read a satire in this challenge although it qualified for a different square so I thought that I would look for something funny. I toyed with Terry Pratchett who never lets me down but then the most recent Bridget Jones Book caught my eye at a charity shop – this was before the publication of “Bridget Jones’ Baby”.

I had read and loved the first two volumes of the diaries some years ago and reread them frequently. I know there have been films made of the books but I haven’t seen them. I did find these laugh out loud funny so I was interested to see what Helen Fielding had done in “Bridget Jones – Mad About the Boy”. This book is set much later than the first two books and (minor spoiler here) after the death of Bridget’s great love Mark Darcy. She has been left a widow with two children and nicely off but at a loose end in her personal life. In truth, she is lonely.

I am sad to say that this book was nowhere near as good as the first two in my opinion. Bridget was rather wearing in her loneliness and her desperate searching for a new man. Her diary (now apparently written in American English – since when do British people measure their weight solely in pounds for example ?) is full of self-pity but much less of the chaotic humour because the author also wants to represent Bridget as a responsible mother although I am not entirely sure that she succeeds at that. I also found the resolution to the romantic aspect of the story rather unsatisfying because she hardly knows the man she ends up with. What Bridget appears to want is a man to look after, make decisions, sort things out and take control of the children. I didn’t like this version of the character at all.

My next square is to read a story with time travel