Book Bingo Square 22 - a thriller or suspense novel

Author: Anne

Date Published: Feb 2nd 2017, 6:08pm

I love reading thrillers and suspense novels and certainly over half the books that I read each year fall within that genre. I read the whole range of books available from cosy mysteries to serial killer novels and including police procedurals, romantic suspense, ScandiCrime and historic mysteries. I do avoid horror, conspiracy theories and courtroom dramas but will have a go at most other novels.

I suppose what I like about crime/mystery/thriller/suspense novels is the sense of good against evil. They are usually very clear about this and often the story will be about putting something right or preventing more wrong things happening. Most mysteries are resolved too; I am not a huge fan of unresolved or ambiguous endings. Of course there are exceptions to these rules but usually suspense novels are reasonably predictable and follow some unwritten rules.

I have read a lot of this type of book in the time that I have taken in finishing my Book Bingo and a couple have served to complete other squares. I had a lot to choose from in my to-be-read pile but for the purposes of this challenge I have read the latest novel by the Irish writer Tana French “The Trespasser”.

This author has written several connected books which don’t actually form a series. They are each about detectives in and around Dublin and the main character of one book is featured as a supporting character in the book before. I’ve read a couple of these novels but not the one immediately preceding this one – it didn’t make any difference to my understanding of the story.

The main character in this book is Antoinette who has just become part of the Murder Squad in Dublin. She is not having an easy time of it made worse by the fact that she has a dual ethnic origin, is a woman and isn’t afraid to say what she feels. There’s a definite air of menace from her own team and as she investigates the death of a woman she begins to be aware that things may be more complicated than she thinks initially.

This is a bleak book and a long one too but I found it completely absorbing. It contains all that makes crime fiction great – compelling characters, a complex plot, lots of twists and turns, and a slow unravelling of the truth. Excellent reading.

For my next square we get lighter as it is humour or satire.