The initial page of the website is the Reviews page and it can be accessed from any page by clicking on that link.

Some features of the initial page will appear on every page.

The Main Menu with links to:

Reviews A list of the reviews of all or a single book(see below). The list shows two reviews side by side with the first part of the review itself displayed. To see the full review click on the Read Review link and to purchase the book, click on the Buy Now link.

Books A list of all, a specific category only(see below), or a single book (see below). The list shows two books side by side with the first part of the description displayed. To see the full description details of the book click on the image of the book's cover or the Read Reviews link.

Reviewers A list of reviewers showing how many books they have reviewed. Clicking on the header Fullname will sort them into alphabetical order. Clicking on View will show the Book Details of all the books they have reviewed.

Blogs A listing of blogs, in date order(most recent top), made by reviewers. Click on Read More to see the full blog post.

Contact Enter your name, email address and comments, suggestions, questions etc in the appropriate boxes and click on Send Email. If appropriate you will receive a response within 3 working days.

About Us A brief explanation of who and what we are, and what we are trying to achieve.

Panels on each page.

The Blackboard panel cycles between the five most recently added books, five most recent reviews and five most recent blog posts. Placing your mouse cursor on the blackboard will stop the cycling and freeze the panel display. This panel is updated immediately a book, review or post is added to the website. Each entry is a clickable link to the book, review or post.

The Categories panel shows under which category/categories a book could be listed when looking at the Books listing. Clicking on a category will reduce the number of books being listed to those within the selected category and any subcategories.

The Search box is available for Books and Reviews. For books, a search is performed on the title, author(s), description and publisher of all reviewed books within the currently selected category. For reviews, a search is performed on the content of all reviews and the title, description and publisher of the book the review is for.

The Latest Reviews panel lists the ten most recently reviewed books, with the most recent at the top. Click on the book title to see the Book Details which includes the review.

The Footer Menu

F.A.Q. Frequently Asked Questions. The questions which we have been asked, with answers and which we expect to be asked again.

Terms A statement of the Terms and Conditions under which this website is made available to a user.

Privacy A statement of the privacy policy which we follow on this website.

Book Details

Most of the information displayed on this page is self-explanatory. Other information and links displayed are:

  1. Recommend link. This will invite you to send a facebook recommendation to one or more of your friends.
  2. ISBN, EAN and ASIN are the reference numbers which are used by the various organisations to identify books. ISBN is the one most commonly used in the UK.
  3. 'Buy Now' will open a new window or tab to access the page in Amazon from which the book can be bought.
  4. The last two items of information are the description of the book and, if any have been done, one or more reviews. Note: On some pages it may be necessary to click on a link to see the reviews.