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Doctor Zhivago (by Boris Pasternak)

Vintage Classics (05 Sep, 2002)

Newly qualified as a doctor, Yury Zhivago exchanges the secure respectability of Imperial Moscow for the waking nightmare that is the Russian front in 1915. But even the peace brings him no comfort. For the hell of the field hospitals is easier to endure than the revolution at home which has changed the unchanging and ripped at the foundations of his life. Yury Zhivago must come to terms both with the new ...

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Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man (by James Joyce)

Wordsworth Editions Ltd (01 May, 1992)

The novel is a highly autobiographical account of the adolescence and youth of Stephen Dedalus, who reappears in Ulusses and who comes to realise that before he can become a true artist he must rid himself of the stultifying effects of the religion, politics and essential bigotry in late 19th century Ireland.

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Cannery Row (Penguin Modern Classics) (by John Steinbeck)

Penguin Classics (07 Sep, 2000)

In the din and stink that is Cannery Row a colourful blend of misfits survive side by side in a jumble of adventure and mischief. Lee Chong, the grocery store owner, is also the proprietor of the Flophouse that a troupe of good-natured 'boys' call home. Dora runs the brothel and Doc is the fount of all wisdom. Packed with invention and joie de vivre CANNERY ROW is Steinbeck's tribute to his native Californi ...

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