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Playing with Fire (by Nigel Havers)

Headline Review (26 Jul, 2007)

In a career that has taken him from a schoolboy production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream to the red carpet on Oscar Night with Chariots of Fire, via starring roles in the West End stage, classic television series like Don’t Wait Up and a cameo in Little Britain, the Hollywood blockbusters that made him a household name are only the beginning. With characteristic modesty and a captivating eye for the a ...

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Moab Is My Washpot (by Stephen Fry)

Arrow (06 Jan, 2011)

A memoir that tells how, sent to a boarding school 200 miles from home at the age of seven, the author survived beatings, misery, love, ecstasy, carnal violation, expulsion, imprisonment, criminal conviction, probation and catastrophe to emerge, at eighteen, ready to try and face the world in which he had always felt a stranger.

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Toast: The Story of a Boy's Hunger (by Nigel Slater)

Harper Perennial (16 Apr, 2004)

TOAST is Nigel Slater's truly extraordinary story of a childhood remembered through food. Whether relating his mother's ritual burning of the toast, his father's dreaded Boxing Day stew or such culinary highlights of the day as Arctic Roll and Grilled Grapefruit (then considered somehting of a status symbol in Wolverhampton) this remarkable memoir vividly recreates daily life in sixties surburban England. H ...

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A Forever Family (by Michael Jones)

Faber and Faber (01 Feb, 2007)

John Houghton and his wife learned that they could not have children of their own. Instead they adopted three siblings, two boys and a girl, who were looking for 'a forever family', as the adoption agencies put it. What followed is all too common in adoptive families, but it is rarely talked about in public.

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Colours Of The Mountain (by Da Chen)

Arrow (03 Aug, 2000)

A book about friendships, prejudice, familial love and academic striving, and of one man's escape from hunger, poverty and ignorance, Colours of the Mountain is an inspiring and eloquently recounted memoir of growing up a pariah in rural China.

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84 Charing Cross Road (by H. Hanff)

Time Warner Paperbacks (24 Jun, 1993)

This book is the very simple story of the love affair between Miss Helene Hanff of New York and Messrs Marks & Co, sellers of rare and secondhand books, at 84 Charing Cross Road, London.

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