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Priestess of the White: The Age of Five: Book One (Age of the Five) (by Trudi Canavan)

Orbit (06 Jul, 2006)

Trudi Canavan, author of the bestselling Black Magician trilogy, embarks up on a wonderful new fantasy series set in a classical world of magic, heroes, gods and forbidden love.

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Mist (by Kathryn James)

Hodder Children's Books (01 Sep, 2011)

Midnight: a mist-haunted wood with a bad reputation. A sweet sixteen party, and thirteen-year-old Nell is trying to keep her sister, spoilt birthday-girl Gwen, out of trouble. No chance. Trouble finds Gwen and drags her through the mist. Only Nell guesses who's behind the kidnap - the boy she hoped was her friend, the gorgeous but mysterious Evan River. Evan is no ordinary boy - he has a secret which wil ...

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The Snowboy (Salt Modern Voices) (by Mark Burnhope)

Salt Publishing (30 Jul, 2011)

Mark Burnhope's poems present a generous but moral quizzing of the world. Peering out over disability, faith and the host of prejudices that spring from such ground, they negotiate a path through lyricism and music, didacticism and narrative, comedy and confession, slang and slur in their search for a voice with which to speak. They visit town and sea, husband and wife and monuments to grief built of snow, ...

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Death of a Hero (by Richard Aldington)

The Hogarth Press Ltd (30 Nov, -0001)

Against the background of trench war in France, this is the story of a man and two the women who share his life. They are not conventional people – could Aldington ever write about the conventional? - a man who shares his wife with another man and a mistress who shares him with others. Death of a Hero shocked people by its advanced views when it was first published, and even today it still has the capa ...

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