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Mist In The Mirror (by Susan Hill)

Vintage (02 Sep, 1999)

This is a novel for readers who enjoy a good tale that is well told, and who find that nothing chills the blood as effectively as an old-fashioned, chain-rattling ghostly villain (The Times )

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Frankenstein (Wordsworth Classics): Or, the Modern Prometheus (by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley)

Wordsworth Editions Ltd (01 May, 1992)

Begun when the author was only eighteen and conceived from a nightmare, Frankenstein is the deeply disturbing story of a monstrous creation which has terrified and chilled readers since its first publication in 1818. The novel has thus seared its way into the popular imagination while establishing itself as one of the pioneering works of modern science fiction.

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ASBO: A Novel of Extreme Terror (by Iain Rob Wright)

(31 Jan, 2012)

YOUR FEAR IS THEIR ENTERTAINMENT... Andrew’s life is one of bored contentedness: a teenage daughter, a faithful wife, and a middle-class job. He even has a Mercedes. His life is without drama, and the comfort of middle-age is setting in. That all changes when he refuses to buy a pack of cigarettes for the local gang of youths. Led by the emotionally unstable, and sadistic, Frankie, the gang target A ...

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Pet Sematary (by Stephen King)

New English Library (04 Feb, 1985)

The house looked right, felt right to Dr Louis Creed. A place where his family could settle, and the children could grow up and explore the rolling hills and meadows. Surely a safe place. Not a place to seep into your dreams, to wake you, sweating with fear and foreboding.

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The Element Encyclopedia of Vampires (by Theresa Cheung)

Harper Element (01 Oct, 2009)

An A to Z of the Undead Bloodsuckers. Immortals. Nightstalkers. Cold ones. Though they've sported different names and different guises, vampires have existed in almost every culture of our world. They've haunted our darkest dreams, simultaneously invoking both fear and fascination. After all, the question still plagues us centuries vampires actually exist? THE ELEMENT ENCYCLOPEDIA OF VAMPIRES exa ...

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The Woman In Black (by Susan Hill)

Vintage (31 Jul, 2008)

Proud and solitary, Eel Marsh House surveys the windswept reaches of the salt marshes beyond Nine Lives Causeway. Arthur Kipps, a junior solicitor, is summoned to attend the funeral Mrs Alice Drablow, the house's sole inhabitant, unaware of the tragic secrets which lie hidden behind the shuttered windows. It is not until he glimpses a wasted young woman, dressed all in black, at the funeral, that a creeping ...

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Grave Secret (by Charlaine Harris)

Gollancz (04 Nov, 2010)

When she was 15, Harper Connelly was struck by a bolt of lightning, which left her with a spiderweb of red over her body, headaches, and episodes of weakness. Sometimes her right hand shakes. And she can find dead people. It's taken a while, but at last Harper's pretty happy with her life: she's making a living, using her unique talent to help people, and she's got a lover - her stepbrother Tolliver. That c ...

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Interview with the Vampire (Vampire Chronicles 1) (by Anne Rice)

Sphere (02 Oct, 2008)

In a darkened room a young man sits telling the macabre and eerie story of his life - the story of a vampire, gifted with eternal life, cursed with an exquisite craving for human blood.

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Blood Maidens (by Barbara Hambly)

Severn House Publishers Ltd (06 Sep, 2010)

It is 1911. War is coming and the Kaiser is trying to recruit vampires.

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